The Harmful Side Effects of Addictive Foods to Know

Should you are fighting with a food habit, you can recognize the consequences that may have on the different elements of your lifetime. In case a food habit is left ignored or untreated, it could quickly start to have impacts on your life, creating dangerous and long-term symptoms. Read this article and find out the harmful side effects of addictive foods.

Some of the Addictive Foods:

Most people love a minimum of one stimulant product which finally becomes just an addiction. The products contain exercise stimulant beverages (they may come in the cans and seems just like cola), tobacco, fizzy aerated beverages, betel leaf, betel nut, strong tea, strong coffee, and alcohol. Read more about the addictive foods list.

Before I tell you why we should not have these products, I have to let you know why we do have them.

Harmful Side Effects of Addictive Foods

There is nobody who does not understand the products like these, and having in excess, can seriously damage our bodies. We still see them hard fighting. The requirement to consume stimulant food is an easy human weakness which has existed for years: people (and several creatures) has consistently indulged in the foods giving a type of mental high. In clinical terms, this means fast pulse, a small perspiration, constriction or dilation of the pupils of the eye, a warm flush on the facial skin, as well as a feeling of greater susceptibility, perception and concentration.

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These senses of ‘higher’ lessen within a couple of hours, and we’re left feeling low and inactive. This results in a craving for this food again, to go through the high one more time. And there we’re going in a nasty circle over again and again.

The Physiology of Addictions:

When you consume an addictive food, it excites the hormone like substances found at the conclusion of your nerves that activates an avalanche of the similar stimulatory materials and you experiences great. As the materials close to the nerves are exhausted, you enter the low phase that leads one to crave that food over again. This yo-yo stage of nerve stimulation and depletion results in a routine of dependency.

Have addictive foods is one of the earliest unwholesome food practices and, in spite of a revolution in health consciousness; it reveals no signs of dying out.

Here are the Harmful Side Effects of Addictive Foods.

  • Caffeine and xanthine: Seen in coffee, tea. These become dangerous just in high doses; do not have more than five cups per day.
  • Aerated beverages: High doses of the caffeine.
  • Betel nut: Erosion of the lining of the mouth, leads to the staining of teeth, mouth cancer and upper tract. In addition, it results in heart problems among those who have a poor heart.
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  • Tobacco: Erosion of gingiva and tongue may lead to the cancer of the buccal mucosa.
  • Alcohol Addiction: Erosion of stomach and intestinal lining, nutritional lacking, liver damage.
  • Miscellaneous drug responses: Those who have medicines for the hypertension, heart, and asthma need to be cautious in regards to the interactions of drugs with the stimulant foods, as combining the two may be deadly. After years of expertise, all physicians understand how hard it’s to break food habits of the patients. So like all physicians, I am only able to suggest an excellent compromise. In the event you cannot break the habit, then at least you must practice moderation.

Final Words:

If you want to add more harmful side effects of addictive foods, then feel free to comment on this post and share with your friends.

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