What are the 20 High Calorie Healthy Snacks?

Calories are the very basic unit of energy found in all types’ food and are essential to maintain the body’s important functions. The amount of calories an individual needs depends on many factors like their gender, age and lean muscle mass. Eating less calories for a lengthy period of time results a person to become underweight, weakened immunity, leading to muscle atrophy and finally organ failure. On the other hand, eating more calories results an individual to become overweight and further illness. Here I have prepared a list of high calorie healthy snacks.

How to Increase Calorie Intake?

If you work out daily, you may have the ability to put in a couple hundred more calories daily. Therefore those extra calories do not turn into extra pounds when you have reached your target weight. Another reason to improve caloric consumption is in the event that you are underweight, looking to get more healthy. A couple of simple developments to how you eat and prepare your food will interpret to about 200 calories. Nevertheless, consuming more than you intended is not difficult, so keep track of what changes you make, so you do not gain more weight. Read how to increase calorie intake?

The following snacks are very much calorie dense, but still can be part of a healthy diet in moderation. The most calorie dense snacks are those that are high in fat because 1 gram of fat has 9 calories, compared to the protein and carbs that only have calories for every gram.

What are the High Calorie Healthy Snacks?

1. Peanut Butter:

foods with alot of calories

Low-carb diets like Atkins endorse peanut butter and while, much like all nuts, peanuts are very high in proteins and vitamins, at the same time they are also very high in calories. The calorific value is huge. 100grams can provide on average 588 calories.

2. Dried Fruit:

high calorie healthy snacks

High in fiber and nutrients, there is no doubting that dried fruit like pineapple, dates, apricots, raisins and apple rings are good for you. However, calorie-controlled dieters need to munch with caution. A 100gram snack bag over 300 calories.

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3. Chocolate Nut Spread:

calorie count healthy snacks

A 100-gram serving of chocolate nut spread has 541 calories. Nutella is also popular world-wide, so it’s quite easy to find pretty much wherever you live. You need to follow the advice on the commercials and spread it on whole wheat toast, or you just enjoy the chocolaty goodness of this high calorie food!

4. Avocado:

High Calorie Snack Bars

Avocado is full of fiber, vitamins C and K, potassium, and numerous other nutrients. Despite technically being a fruit, Avocado has almost no sugar (0.2 grams per one half). It’s very important to keep in mind that a whole avocado can range between 300 and 500 calories, depending on the size, and one half-cup serving of mashed avocados has around 250 calories.

5. Guacamole:

high calories meals

Aside from being good for the heart, a creamy batch of guacamole help in your weight-gain program. A 261-gram serving has around 360 calories. This is somewhat off-topic, but eating a lot of guacamole will also make your hair and skin extremely soft. Read recipe!

6. Cheddar Cheese:

high calorie food list

Remember animal fats are the most calorific food sources you can eat, so are best to have minimum if you are trying to lose extra pound. 100g chunk of cheddar cheese has 429 calories in it.

7. Bananas:

high calorie healthy foods

One large banana contains 120 calories. This fruit is also excellent for weight gain, but it won’t be unhealthy. Bananas are very good when you eat them with other foods that are high in calories.

8. Cashew nuts:

high calorie healthy food

All types of nuts are good for the heart, and are high in calories. Roasted cashew nuts for instance, have 165 calories for each serving. Different nuts have different calorie levels, so it always good to do a little nutritional investigation before you start munching on your favorite nuts.

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9. Protein Bars:

high calorie healthy meals

Protein bars can also help you gain weight, mostly due to the ingredients within them. You should be careful about what type of protein or energy bar you select. Because they might have a lot of sugar as well. Make sure you pick one with plenty of protein per serving, because good proteins helps in healthy weight gain. Calories per serving is 150-250 which varies by type of bar.

10. Quinoa:

foods with alot of calories

You’ve possibly heard about the upsides of this miracle grain and there are numerous. But after it’s been cooked, this rice substitute and complete protein also delivers 222 calories per cup. Read recipe!

11. Doughnuts:

healthy foods high in calories

Doughnuts are an amazing high calorie food, particularly if you get them from a doughnut place that truly knows how to make them right.  Forget Dunkin Donuts, they are now nowhere near healthy, rather try to find a small place with homemade doughnuts like Bombolini doughnuts on Columbus Ave in New York. Calories per serving 198-299 which varies by type and size of doughnut. Read homemade donuts recipe!

12. Hummus:

ealthy foods with lots of calories

Hummus made from a blend of chickpeas, sesame paste, olive oil, lemon and cumin. It is a healthy snack packed with protein, fiber, good fats and vitamins. However, the oil and the sesame send that calorie count rocketing sky high. A single cup of hummus is about 435 calories! Hummus is great for you, so just have a tablespoon as an accompaniment. Read recipe!

13. Dates:

 High Calorie Food

Dates have a lot of calories, and they’re still good for you. 100 grams of a Medjool date can give you 277 calories, when the same amount of Deglet Noor dates contain 282 calories. However, if you eat a cup of chopped dates, you get 415 calories.

14. Cereal Bars:

 High Calorie Snack Bars

Cereal bars appeared to be diet friendly. But wholegrain varieties are high in slow release energy, vitamins and minerals. The average cereal bar contains 250-300 calories.

15. Dark Chocolate:

Highest Calorie Snacks

Dark chocolate is good for you. It’s full of nutrients and antioxidants. In addition may help lower blood pressure, control blood sugar, and boost your mood. One bar of dark chocolate have around 530 calories.

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16. Granola:


This delicious breakfast favorite can average around 500 calories per cup and that’s before you add milk or yogurt. Read recipe!

17. Bagels and Breads:

Bagels and Breads

There are a thousand different ways to devour them: with jam, cheese, peanut butter, hummus. I just cannot think of a more appealing way to add calories to your diet! Calories per serving up to 280.

18. Almond Butter:

Almond Butter

Like granola, almond butter is another one of those foods that is rich in nutrients, but can be loaded with extra sugar and fat. It also delivers iron, vitamin E and magnesium. One serving size has up to 200 calories. Just avoid reduced-fat versions, because they in fact tend to have higher sugar content. Try to buy almond butter with the lowest sugar and sodium content. The Natural brands typically have fewer additives compared to their commercial counterparts.

19. Trail Mix:

Trail Mix

They may be small in size but are big in calories! To avoid unhealthy ingredients, I recommend DIY trail mix. Dried fruits, nuts, mini pretzels, goldfish crackers, delicious chocolate chips, unsweetened flaked coconut and anything else that comes to mind. Its high calorie healthy snacks for you. Calories per serving 462 in 100 g.

20. Smoothies:High Calorie Healthy Snacks

They’re loaded with the freshest ingredients. You get lots of calories with every smoothie particularly if you’re not making it yourself. For instance, a Strawberry Surf Rider smoothie from Jamba Juice is 580 calories!

Final Words:

The amount of calories a person needs very much depends on their age, gender, and muscle mass and activity level. The DV for calories is 2000 calories. You have been provided with list of 20 high calorie healthy snacks. Do you want to add more? Use the comments to let me know!

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