ADHD in Children: 3 Diet Secrets to Get Rid of It

The poor nutrition and bad eating habits are gradually being linked to ADHD and many other behavioral problems found in children. If you change children diets with the good one and then you can slow the rates of these illnesses. Find out how the poor diets leads to ADHD in children.

New study is revealing the link between intake of food additives by the children particularly food colors and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  The Educated parents have already understood that the consumption of food additives results ADHD in Children. But many doctors have disagreed with the view as pure nonsense. Obviously, a lot of doctors dismiss the view that food selection has any kind of relationship to our health in the first place. Therefore the view from the conventional medicine doesn’t give it far weight.

The actual story here, though it is not only the artificial colors and food additives that are the cause of ADHD in children. There are numerous other dietary substances which deeply influence mental state of a child and their daily behavior.

Let us face the truth: our brain is made of flesh and blood organ which is very much influenced by the blood chemistry. Which is dictated almost completely by the diet. So what you actually eat is going to control your blood composition. And your blood composition controls function of your brain. Yes, there are several other factors, like physical exercise as well as environmental influences. But the largest factor of all is the dietary.

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The Causes of ADHD in Children:

1. Processed foods

adhd in toddlers

Therefore while you eat processed foods which contain artificial colors and additives, you are just sending toxic chemicals in your bloodstream. Finally those chemicals go into the brain and change brain function. For the children who have been already diagnosed with the ADHD, it changes their way of behaving to make them restless. ADHD also affects children and adults the same way to show other problems resulting from mental state.

2. Refined carbohydrates

adhd treatment

It is not only the food additives that cause detrimental effects. It’s also the refined carbohydrates that causes the problem. Individuals who eat lots of white bread or any food made of white refined flour also suffer from the mental illnesses. These behavioral change can include aggression, depression, learning disabilities and very violent behavior. Consuming the refined carbohydrates can also causes brain fog. That is why people who are affected by this can’t keep concentration for long time. They also don’t feel clarity of mind.

3. Refined sugars


Consumption of soft drinks results in the same effect. Since it is basically the same macronutrient which actually poisons your body: the refined sugars. The refined sugars also results in behavioral illnesses by reducing body of the nutrients which are vital for neurological health. These vital nutrients are the B vitamins as well as some other important minerals, including zinc and magnesium. If human body lacks these important vitamins and minerals, it will show both mental as well as physical ailments. The actual problem is, rather than acknowledging the real cause for these mental and physical sicknesses in children and adult, the conventional medicine tags it a disease. So, the cure to this problem becomes a drug rather than improving the diet, and that’s where things get real crazy. Because now we have to dose up our kids on Ritalin while the real solution to their behavioral problems or lack of focus is to straightaway get rid of cookies, soft drinks and the sugary breakfast from their daily diets. If there is any food that enhance your children health are unprocessed foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and the superfoods. Then you will find your children don’t show these behavioral complications any more. Read the causes of ADHD in children.

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How to Get Rid of ADHD Symptoms in Children from Our Society?

Indeed, the answer to all these problems are shockingly very simple. All we need to do is to modify the daily diets of our kids. We should also keep vending machines away from our public school systems and improve school lunch plans so that our children get foods that promote learning as well as mental health. We also have to educate all parents on the right ways to feed their own children. So they won’t get influenced by the foods stuff that their kids just want to have.

At last, we should also get our government to ban all kind of advertising and marketing of food products that are unhealthy to our children. It is very much illegal in the civilized society, for the companies that making products which results obesity and also ADHD in children. As it just creates a cycle of sickness and chronic illness that paralyze our society. The long-term consequence of all problems are obviously skyrocketing the health care expenses.

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Final Words:

The perfect solution to AHDH in children is just to modify the foods and drinks which we feed to our kids. The solution is for sure not to dose our kids with the powerful narcotics, for instance Ritalin. Since right now we are very much raising a generation of brain-numbed kids in this country through public schooling system and the very irresponsible pharmaceutical prescribing practices of numerous doctors as well as psychiatrists.


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