45 Best Healthy Snacks for Kids All Parents Should Know

Serving the best healthy snacks for kids are important to provide good nutrition, supporting lifelong healthy eating habits. And helping to prevent expensive and potentially-disabling diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.

Quick and the Best Choices for Healthy Snacks for Children:

Kids often shy away from preparing anything other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because it’s too difficult and time-consuming. But there is a wide-ranging variety of products available at the grocery store, like steak strips and fully-cooked chicken, which simplify the snack- and meal-making process for children. The strips go from package to plate in minutes-making it easy to prepare kid-favorite snacks and meals such as pizza, tacos and pasta. These are well-balanced and have zero grams trans fat, so the parents can feel good about providing nutritious snacks for kids to help power them through their active days. Read the best choices for healthy snacks.

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With healthy eating snacks for kids like these, kids can come home and reach for something other than the usual suspects-instead preparing a delicious snack on their own. Who knows? Perhaps they’ll even graduate to making family dinners.

Best Healthy Snacks for Kids at School:

1. Fresh Fruits

nutritious snacks for kids


2. Dried Fruit

3. Fruit Leathers

healthy snacks for children

4. Fruit Salad

5. Veggie Pockets

healthy snack for kids

6. Crackers

healthy snacks kids

7. Rice Cakes

easy healthy snacks for kids

8. Popcorn

healthy snacks for kids at school

9. Baked Tortilla Chips

quick healthy snacks for kids

10. Cereal Bars

11. Low-Fat Cheese

healthy snack ideas for kids

12. Trail Mix

healthy kids snacks

13. Low-Fat and Fat-Free Milk

snacks for kids

14. Fruit Juice


Healthy Eating Snacks for Kids after School:

15. Frozen Yogurt Grapes

16. Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas


17. Cucumber Sandwiches

school snacks for kids

18. Frozen Banana Bites

19. Homemade Goldfish Crackers

easy snacks for kids


20. Avocado Boats

21. Bran Muffin Bites

Bran Muffin Bites

22. Mini Fruit Pizza

Mini Fruit Pizza


23. Smoothies


Healthy Bedtime Snacks for Kids:

24. Cottage cheese and berries

Cottage cheese and berries

25. Cherries


26. Muffins


27. Bananas

28. Sweet potato chips

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29. Oatmeal


30. Nuts and seeds

31. Hummus

kids snacks


32. Turkey Wraps

Turkey Wraps

Healthy Easter Snacks for Kids:

33. Egg Carton Lunch Snacks

Egg Carton Lunch Snacks

34. Fruit and Veggie Turkey Tray

Fruit and Veggie Turkey Tray

35. Easter Bunny Pancakes

Easter Bunny Pancakes


36. Easter Bunny Biscuits

Easter Bunny Biscuits


37. Fruit Turkey Snack

Fruit Turkey Snack

38. Goldfish Cracker Carrot Snacks

children snacks

39. Cute Deviled Egg Chicks

Cute Deviled Egg Chicks

Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids:

40. Banana Ghosts

Banana Ghosts

41. Orange Pumpkins

Orange Pumpkins

42. Cheese String Fingers

Cheese String Fingers

43. Apple Monster Mouths


44. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

45. Spider Deviled Eggs


Final Words:

Why healthy snacks for children are important?  The most obvious-being hungry makes little ones cranky.  Some kids favor to eat smaller meals more frequently, whereas others may eat well at meals but may need a snack to curb hunger and provide an energy boost at the same time.  Either way, the snack foods that you prepare make an important fuel for your kid’s developing body.  Also, what you feed your kid now impacts his food choices as he gets older.  So starting with the best healthy snacks for kids at an early age will most likely make him a healthier eater when he’s older too.

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