Beginners Guide: How to Start a Health and Nutrition Blog

Many times I get question from my blog readers who want to start their health and nutrition blog. So if you are also one of them then this guide is written for you. Read this article and learn how to start a health and nutrition blog.

It is better to have your own blog than to share content in different websites. Considering that over a period of time the blog can provide you with earning, name, and appreciation from readers and it’ll develop your ingenious aspect too. Or else, if you send your valuable health and nutrition content to many bloggers like us to publish it but you could no longer get the monetary benefit of your effort and time, which you deserve.

So How to Start a Health and Nutrition Blog?

How to start a blog

There are a lot of blogging platforms if you want to start your own blog. But the two most suggested blogging platforms are self-hosted WordPress blog and blogger.Com (powered by Google).

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Who Can make Use of Blogger.Com Platform?

One who want to have a blog without any cost or does not want to get involved in technical part, hobby blogger or you can use this platform for some time to get acquainted with running a blog world and then transfer your blog to WordPress.

Who Can Use WordPress Platform?

In case you are ok to spend some cash. However that cash will deliver lot of cool elements which in flip will drive more site visitors and cash. You can use WordPress, if you want to make a respectable blog or want to blog significantly as a profession.

My Worst Blogging Mistake:

After running a blog on Blogger.Com for five to six years I came to know that many bloggers are endorsing WordPress over blogger.Com. But I simply overlooked their propose. The reason I didn’t try WordPress because running a blog on Blogger.Com did not cost me anything. Finally my blog went down due to violation of their terms and condition, then I thought it is time to have a self-hosted WordPress blog. If I have to start a blog at present for my friend or relative then I’ll insist strongly for WordPress as a blogging platform. WordPress offers a long way more elements than blogger.

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How to Configure WordPress Self-hosted Blog?

Configure WordPress

1. In order to start a blog you truly need a domain name and hosting. If you’re a beginner and wish to keep the things simple then buy domain and hosting from same company.

2. Picking out domain name: I might choose a domain title which is convenient to spell, catchy, convenient to remember, and includes the “keyword” which is a component of the niche/matter on which I am going to blog about.

3. Webhosting company: there are various choices that you could pick like Wpengine and Bluehost. All these companies are best in the market in terms quality service and their customer service is superb.

As soon as you are making the payment you are going to get login details from your website hosting company. Now we have to install the WordPress on hosting cpanel which will also be executed beneath 30 minutes but for you it’ll take around 1-2 hour as you have to be trained few things on the way that are going to aid you in future.

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4. Installing the WordPress – One Click on WordPress Set Up: Login into your cpanel with the (username and password) received in your e mail after you completed your purchase. Learn how to install WordPress from cpanel

Later Addition to the Blog

I recommend using free theme for your new blog. Try to save money at the beginning as you can always install premium theme later. I also do not recommend investing money on keyword research tools at this stage.

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