6 Bad Impacts on Psychological and Sexual Health Due to Poor Nutrition

This short article discusses the importance of diet and eating right, as well as the gains from eating a diet that is healthier. In addition, it discusses the link between Psychological and Sexual Health and the food we eat, and the way our lifestyle can change to better sexual health. 

Many physicians merely provide prescription for drugs to address symptoms rather than helping the patient to find out the helpful instruction. Which may promote nutritional, natural as well as physical lifestyle changes that address the core issue. After all, when one’s diet improved things like mental health, energy levels, hormone levels and Psychological and Sexual Health also get improved. One must question the reason why this is not the very first thing that’s investigated in addressing these issues rather than prescribing drug.

It’s crucial for one to realize that not caring for one’s nutritious needs not only cause psychological and sexual health issues but also cause chronic disease and permanent damage. Only a little work every day could make the difference between an extended, healthy and sexually fulfilling life and a lifestyle that’s riddled with health issues such as the inability to have sex.

Promoting better sexual health isn’t only a matter of better hygiene practice or preventing any infectious illnesses that undermine the sexual health of one. Additionally it entails having an excellent balanced diet. Excellent food lets your body to obtain different vitamins which is needed from the organs to operate well.

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6 Impacts on Psychological and Sexual Health Due to Poor Nutrition:

1. Irregular periods due to poor nutrition

The lack of a well nutritious diet can expose people to several difficulties. For instance, Girls might experience the irregular periods as well as totally miss many periods over. Amenorrhea, or lack of menstrual periods are well accepted by young ladies since they feel happy when they no longer have to use a sanitary napkin or tampon. But, what’s not often understood by these young women is that the missing menstrual periods become a sign of decrease in estrogen levels. The low estrogen levels along with over physical exercise may cause osteoporosis in women and who are of lack calcium absorption can also produce a greater risk of brittle bone syndrome. The osteoporosis causes a decrease in woman’s bone density, making her skeletal system vulnerable to fractures. The low estrogen levels through the peak years of bone-building, teenage years and the preteen, can impact bone density for remaining of your life. The bone growth dropped during teenage years can’t be regained later.

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2. Decreased growth due to poor nutrition

Poor nutrition may also results different delays or issues in actual development in women. These very adverse effects of poor nutrition can have underdevelopment of the breast, stunted growth, hormonal imbalance, internal organ failure, anemia, and also trouble in conception. 

3. Bulimia and anorexia

Inappropriate eating routine can also results in some women folk to build up psychological problems. Bulimia and anorexia are two of the very frequent eating problems reported today particularly in younger wome. Self-induced starvation can be a very harmful consequence of having an imbalanced self-image and sense of self-worth. Young females who think that “she can never become thin “deny themselves nearly to the point of death.

4. Changes in thyroid hormone levels

Hormonal variations in a lady’s body due to poor nutrition may also cause other mental problems. These hormonal variations typically trigger the symptoms of oversensitivity, sleeping difficulties, depression, mood swings and anxiety. In severe circumstances, women with the psychological difficulties may attempt to suicide. Particularly variations in the thyroid hormone levels may cause frustration symptoms of the depression like mood swings, sleeping problems, lack of awareness, weakness and weight gain. Girls who have eating disorders also can expose themselves to bullying particularly while others see them as being unusual, different, or weak.

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5. High blood pressure and limit blood flow

Extra sodium in diet may increase blood pressure and limit blood flow. High blood pressure always has adverse sexual results for both women and men. It could bring about erection dysfunction in males, and decrease blood flow for the vagina in women. Some of the blood pressure medications may cause unwanted sexual side effects.

6. Drop in male testosterone levels

Among males, hormonal changes can also be due to poor nutrition. The over- workout also results a sharp drop in male testosterone levels. Male with testosterone problems typically suffer with not enough sexual drive, erection problems and low sperm fertility.

Final Words:

The food is not just for stomach. Proper diet is also very important to men and women health, particularly for sexual performance ability. By eating the nutritious food plus regular exercise and adequate sleep, male and female can definitely improve their Psychological and Sexual Health.  

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