How to Lower Insulin Levels Naturally with These 14 Easy Tips

6. Do Try Intermittent Fasting On For Size

One way that is becoming more popular as a means of weight loss is called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is almost as effective at reducing insulin levels, as it probably would be, if it were some form of daily calorie restriction. Intermittent fasting can be done with either liquid or solid meals.

7. Refuse To Do Sedentary Behavior

A big thing that encourages higher insulin levels is remaining inactive and not doing any kind of exercise to get the body up and moving. If you would like to lessen your insulin levels, one of the best ways is clear, and that is to get some form of active lifestyle together and going for yourself. If you just get up and walk around after a meal, as opposed to just sitting down and staying still, you are actually helping your insulin levels not to spike up after having a meal. Walking is just one way to help get your body going and be active. It is also good exercise to get more fit and lose some body fat.

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8. Make Sure To Avoid Any Refined Carbs

One thing that is truly good at raising one’s insulin levels in a big way is no other than the consuming of foods and things that do contain refined carbs of any kind. Therefore, do make sure to stay away from any refined carbs, because it can be the difference between having lower insulin levels as opposed to much higher ones in essence. The reason that refined carbs do this is clear. Refined carbs are digested faster and absorbed quicker. You should only endeavor to eat whole foods that are slow digesting in the description.

9. Add Some Healthy Cinnamon To Food & Beverages

Cinnamon is far more than just a delicious spice that is nice. It is also a very healthy element where health is concerned and has lots of awesome health promoting type anti-oxidants in it. Do add a dab of cinnamon, roughly about 1.5 teaspoons of it, to foods or beverages and watch as your insulin sensitivity increases and your insulin levels will start to decrease. Cinnamon has been shown in many studies to have health benefits that are known for lessening insulin levels and making insulin sensitivity a whole lot better on the average.

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10. Do Some Form of Regular Exercise As Much As Possible

Regular Exercise

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One of the most powerful of all insulin lowering effects is this. What is it? It is no other than engaging in some form of physical activity on a regular basis. Any form of routine physical activity or exercise is the very thing to help a person get their insulin blood levels down a great deal. Physical exercise can take on many forms from walking to jogging to beyond. However, according to research, there are two forms of exercise that have been shown to lower blood sugar levels in a successful way. What are these two forms of exercise? They are no other than aerobics and higher intensity interval training. What aerobics does do is obvious. It is able to increase insulin sensitivity in those people who either have Type 2 Diabetes or are obese on the average. Resistance training is very good at decreasing high insulin levels in older adults and those who are sedentary in the description.

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