How to Better Optimize Your Muscle Building Diet

There are few skills in the gym more valuable than learning how to dead-lift with proper form. However, if you really want to discover how to build muscle you need to learn how to supplement your hard training with a good muscle building diet.

Given that the majority of hypertrophy process occurs while your body recovers at home, it really makes sense to learn how to structure your muscle building foods intake to match your fitness goals.

But even though it makes sense to watch what you eat, many men fall into the deadly trick of presuming they can gorge on whatever food they like then justify it by claiming they are trying to bulk up. A dirty bulk effects in dirty weight being added.

The fact is your diet represents the toughest challenge to your fitness goals. After a while, even the most grueling of training programs becomes fun. It becomes a challenge that you enjoy. The diet part, however, remains a constant test to most people.

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Many people simply neglect their diet because they just don’t know where to start with it all. They get lost in different opinions on what you should eat, what you must avoid, what you need and what you don’t need.

How to Optimize Muscle Building Diet?

  1. 1.5 grams of protein per lb. of your current body weight.
  2. Consume around 2g carbohydrates per pound of body weight

  3. 0.5 grams of fat per lb. of your current body weight.

But before you look at this like a set of rules, remember the main factor here is that no diet fits everybody. This merely gives you a starting point, from which you could experiment by raising or lowering certain nutrients until you find an optimal intake to give your body results.

What is the misconception about muscle building diet?

In a shocking twist to what you may expect, most men don’t actually eat enough protein to build muscle. That might sound very strange, given that every man and his dog appears to buy the latest whey protein drinks. But apart from those drinks, they regularly don’t eat any other sources of lean protein.

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Another area of misunderstanding is fat intake. Just because it is called fat, doesn’t mean you will get fat from eating them. A tank is a military vehicle as well as an item of clothing – fat refers to both food and body fat. They are totally different things and should not be confused together.

Now comes the very interesting part. While you got protein and fat consumption set right, carbohydrates would determine which kind of physique your body could achieve. Begin with the suggested amount and note your outcomes, before enhancing the amount if you need to add more size or reducing it if you feel you are adding body fat.

To teach somebody how to build muscle which creates a noticeably different physique, you should first start in the kitchen. Learning your biggest lifts and the correct rep range certainly plays a very important role in your progress, but if you neglect your muscle building diet you run the very real danger of kissing goodbye to your hard toil on the gym floor.

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