15 Vegetarian and Vegan Foods that are High in Protein to Add in Diet

7. Spirulina

Spirulina is a deep blue green algae and is loaded with nutrients. Two tablespoons of spirulina contain 8 grams of complete protein. It also contains 22 percent of your regular daily requirement of thiamine and iron. It also contains 42 percent of your daily copper needs. It also contains a decent amount of riboflavin, potassium, manganese, and potassium. It also contains a small amount of other nutrients, including fatty acids. There is a substance in spirulina called phycocyanin, which gives it its unique color. This substance is also known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties. Studies have shown that spirulina can strengthen your immune system, improve your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and reduce your blood pressure.

8. Green Peas

These delicious little peas contain 9 grams of protein per cup. This is a bit more than milk. Peas also contain over 25 percent of your necessary daily fiber, folate, manganese, thiamine, and your vitamin A, C, and K requirements. They are also an excellent source of B vitamins, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. Peas can be served as a side dish or in recipes such as pea and basil stuffed ravioli, avocado guacamole, and pea soup.

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9. hemp-seed

Hemp-seed is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is famous for belonging to the same family as the Cannabis plant, also known as the marijuana plant. Fortunately, hemp seed contains only trace amounts of DHC, which is what produces the high feeling that people get when the smoke marijuana. Hemp-seed contains 10 grams of protein that is complete and easily digestible. It has 50 percent more protein than flax seeds and Chia seeds. It is also a great source of zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, and selenium. It is also a great source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Studies have proven that hemp seed can reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause, certain skin diseases, and can help reduce inflammation. Also, it can treat certain skin diseases. If you want to add hemp seed to your diet, you can sprinkle some into a smoothie or in museli. It can also be used if you are making homemade protein bars or homemade salad dressing.

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10. Spelt and Teff

Spelt and teff belong to a category known as ancient grains. Millet, bulgur, farro, and millet are also part of this family. Spelt is very closely related to gluten-containing wheat and teff originates from annual grasses. Teff is gluten free, making it great for a person with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. Both spelt and teff contain 10 to 11 grams of protein per cooked cup. They have more protein than any of the other ancient grains.

Both spelt and teff are also full of nutrients, including fiber, complex carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron, and maganese. They are also loaded with zinc, selenium, and B vitamins. These two ancient grains are great alternatives to wheat and rice. They are used in many recipes ranging from polenta to baked goods, to risotto.

11. Nutritional Yeast

vegetarian foods high in protein recipes

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This yeast tastes cheesy, making it great in scrambled tofu and mashed potatoes. It can also be used on popcorn or sprinkled on your pasta. It is a source of complete plant protein and has 14 grams of protein per ounce and 7 grams of fiber. It is also a great source of B vitamins, copper, manganese, zinc, and magnesium. If you are going to purchase nutritional yeast, it is important to understand that fortification is not universal. Unfortified yeast should not be your only source of vitamin B12. You should always have a backup source.

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