14 Ways to Add More Vegetables and Fruits in Your Diet

All of us understand that people should eat a minimum five portions of vegetables and fruits every day. But knowing it and doing are two different things. We’re always tempted to fill of junk food and convenience. In case your family is like mine, they had much rather filled on a bowl of rice or pasta, or a bag of chips as opposed to trying a platter of steamed broccoli, or an apple. So we will need to get creative. Here are some thoughts to “steal” some additional fruits and vegetables in the diet of your family. Find out 14 smart ways to add more vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Health Benefits of Raw Fruits and Vegetables Diet:

  • Fiber – The fiber is crucial for keeping your bodies running easily, helping to reduce cholesterol as well as help defend against cardiovascular diseases. Uncooked vegetables and fruits are a great supply of fiber.
  • Antioxidants – The antioxidants are compounds which help, and prevent, the cellular damage done by the free radicals. The free radicals are associated with cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis. Several handfuls of raspberries or blueberries really are a fantastic uncooked treat!
  • Minerals and Vitamins – The cooking procedure reduces the amount of specific water or heat sensitive vitamins, which are present in whole foods naturally, and thus this alters the health benefits of consuming them. Eating the uncooked ensures you get the complete benefit of vitamins, like vitamin A, B, C, E, calcium, and potassium. Read more about the health benefits of raw fruits and vegetable diet.

14 Ways to Add More Vegetables and Fruits in Your Diet:

Ways to Add More Vegetables and Fruits in Your Diet

1. Begin the day having a breakfast smoothie: All you need to do is some low fat yogurt, fruits, and ice in a blender. You might also wish to put in a scoop of the protein powder for good measure. Simply mix for several seconds and you will get an ideal breakfast. I love to sip it in a thermal cup in route to work.

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2. Dried fruit can make a great bite any period of the day: Then add little cartons of the raisins for your kid’s lunch box, package some yogurt-covered raisins in your hubby’s briefcase as well as keep some of the trail mix sitting around for noshing. You may also add some dried fruits to cereal and oatmeal each day.

3. Add vegetables and fruits to your family’s sandwiches: It’s possible for you to then add banana, chopped strawberry or apple pieces into a peanut butter sandwich. Make a turkey sandwich with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and anything else that you eat. You may also create a sub store fashion vegetable sandwich by mixing many different types of vegetables with some cheese and mayo on bread.

How to Add More Vegetables and Fruits in Your Diet

4. Have a salad bar during dinner: Just set out a number of chopped vegetables, croutons and cheese along with several salad dressing choices combined with lettuce and allow everybody to make their very own perfect salad.

5. Drink fruits and vegetables Juice: Keep a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit juices in the refrigerator and encourage everybody to drink them as a bite. Get creative and begin “family cocktail hour” by decanting everyone a glass of their favorite juice over the ice. Add a few straws, cocktail umbrellas as well as sit together to speak about how everyone’s day went.

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6. Attempt this as dessert: Place a little scoop of frozen yogurt or ice cream in a bowl and just top it with plenty of frozen or fresh fruits.

7. Offer vegetables and fruits as snacks: It’s possible for you to cut apples into several slices as well as top with ice cream or with cheese or peanut butter. Cut cheese into cubes and serve with the grapes. Cut some fresh vegetables and serve them with ranch dressing dip. Not to mention there are ants on a log. Spread some of the peanut butter or cream cheese on the stick of celery and also sprinkle raisins on it (wow, vegetable and fruit in a single bite).

8. Attempt some new vegetables and fruits: Decide something exotic to get your family’s interest. With a little chance their interest can outweigh their first apprehension to attempting something very new. You may try artichokes, plantains, papaya, star fruit, mango, or other things it is possible to see in the produce section of the local shop.

Ways to Add Vegetables and Fruits in Your Diet

9. Vegetable stew and soups: Make some vegetable stew or soup that is heavy on veggies and simple on meat. Both make some good comfort food while the weather gets cold.

10. Begin “My Veggie Day”: Every member of the family gets to choose a vegetable one day in a week. They qualify to choice a vegetable provided that they attempted each vegetable the week prior, else they lose a move and Mother gets to decide.

11. Steal it in: Picky eaters will not even see a layer of the spinach in lasagna or a cup of sautéed carrots in tomato sauce. Making your very own hummus? Mix in avocado and red peppers for added flavor as well as health benefits.

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12. Do not hide the fruits: Make vegetables and fruits noticeable to support everybody in your loved ones, including yourself, to have them. Set a fruit bowl in the kitchen or have the carrot sticks readily available for noshing. Take a moment to organize the vegetables or fruits, if necessary, so they can be able to consume.

13. Consume on the go: Have some grapes, carrots, or berries right into a tote and take them with you for a simple bite away from home. Eating your veggies and fruits from home make them look less compulsory as well as more like a bite.

14. Love homemade sauces: Purchasing great quality vegetable or tomato sauces, or making your own, is sometimes an effective way to acquire five portions of fruits and vegetables a day under your belt. Making your own sauces is actually simple also, and will be more efficient than purchasing in jars of sauce.


Include some of the thoughts and you may have everybody in your loved ones eating more vegetables and fruits right away.

Now that everybody in your family has gotten a preference for this, be sure to always have a lot of fresh veggies and fruits accessible and able to nosh on.

You have learned the 14 smart ways to add more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Share this post with your friends if you find it is helpful and also don’t forget to comment on this post.


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